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25 May · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Mouse, the Frog, and the Hawk

A Mouse who always lived on the land, by an unlucky chance formed an intimate acquaintance with a Frog, who lived for the most part in the water. The Frog, one day intent on mischief, bound the foot of the Mouse tightly to his own. Thus joined together, the Frog first of all led his …


23 May · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Hares and the Frogs

The Hares, persecuted by the other beasts and afraid even of their own shadows, had a council to decide what to do. The conclusion they came to was to die rather than live on with this shame. So, they went to a pond, determined to drown themselves. But when they were just about to jump, …


21 May · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Crow and the Pitcher

A Crow, half-dead with thirst, came upon a Pitcher which had once been full of water; but when the Crow put its beak into the mouth of the Pitcher he found that only very little water was left in it, and that he could not reach far enough down to get at it. He tried, …


17 May · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Dog and His Reflection

A Dog, crossing a bridge over a stream with a piece of meat in his mouth, saw his own reflection in the water. Thinking it was another dog with a bigger piece of meat, he growled and frowned at it, wishing to have that morsel, too. He, then, opened his mouth to get the other …


4 May · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Ugly Duckling

It was lovely summer weather in the country, and the golden corn, the green oats, and the haystacks piled up in the meadows looked beautiful. The stork walking about on his long red legs chattered in the Egyptian language, which he had learnt from his mother. The corn-fields and meadows were surrounded by large forests, …


30 Apr · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Frog Prince

One fine evening a young princess put on her bonnet and clogs, and went out to take a walk by herself in a wood; and when she came to a cool spring of water with a rose in the middle of it, she sat herself down to rest a while. Now she had a golden …


28 Apr · Grandfather Tales · No Comments


There was once a woman who wished very much to have a little child, but she could not obtain her wish. At last she went to a fairy, and said, “I should so very much like to have a little child; can you tell me where I can find one?” “Oh, that can be easily …


3 Feb · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Boys and the Frogs

Some boys, playing near a pond, saw a number of Frogs in the water, and began to pelt them with stones. They killed several of them, when one of the Frogs, lifting his head out of the water, cried out: “Pray stop, my boys; what is sport to you is death to us.” What we …


21 Jan · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill, To fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, And Jill came tumbling after. Up Jack got and home he ran, As fast as he could caper. There his mother bound his head, With vinegar and brown paper. Incoming story terms:jack and Jill in …


20 Jan · Grandfather Tales · No Comments

The Fox and the Goat

By an unlucky chance a Fox fell into a deep well from which he could not get out. A Goat passed by shortly afterwards, and asked the Fox what he was doing down there. “Oh, have you not heard?” said the Fox; “there is going to be a great drought, so I jumped down here …

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