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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

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A Town Mouse was invited by his cousin who lived in the countryside to spend a few days in her company. They had a very modest dinner, with wheat stalks, roots, acorns, and fresh water. After the meal, the Town Mouse began to describe the throbbing and charming life of the town, with all the luxuries and delights that anyone could desire. So, the next day when the Town Mouse asked the Country Mouse to go home with her to the city, she accepted.
When they reached the Town Mouse’s home, they found the most tempting food the Country Mouse could have imagined. But, no sooner had they started to eat, than a fierce Cat attacked them. They managed to hide, but soon after, a Man with a Dog came in and they had to hide again. The scared Country Mouse decided to return home immediately.
“You may have luxuries that I have not,” she said as she hurried away,” but I prefer my plain food and simple but peaceful life.”

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The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse | Short Stories for Kids